Is Your Business Entrance Helping or Hurting You?


It’s no secret that the entrance to your business is very important. Realtors call it “curb appeal”. Feng Shui experts call it “the mouth of chi.” It’s really the first impression prospective customers have of you.  So why do business owners often neglect the entry area? Perhaps they do not realize how strongly it impacts their success.

Your entry is where the chi of the land enters your site and represents all opportunities for growth and success. If the chi of your entrance is poor, then you will receive poor business results. If the chi is alive and welcoming, you will receive all the opportunities to be prosperous!  Below are some examples of poor entrances and good entrances.

Is Your Business Entrance Helping or Hurting You?

It’s no surprise that this salon’s business was really hurting. Perhaps they had long-time clients, but there certainly weren’t getting new business.

Is Your Business Entrance Helping or Hurting You?

When we renovated, wouldn’t you know? They get a constant stream of new clients now!

Is Your Business Entrance Helping or Hurting You?

A curvy pathway with natural stone is very inviting. Some larger plantings and flowers would make this space even more welcoming.

The pathway for this house-turned-office space is very attractive. It always has full occupancy and is well-cared for.

Even if your business does not have customers or clients visiting your space, the feeling that your staff and even you have when you enter is just as important. How good do you feel about your entry?

Send me some photos and I’ll chose some to post on my blog with some Feng Shui tips and ideas!

Photo credits: Maureen Calamia

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  1. annfengshui says

    You're so right about the impact of an entrance!  If the business owner doesn't pay attention to the way their shop or office looks on the outside, I get the impression that they won't pay good attention to me as a client, either.
    Thanks for posting — love the pics, too :)

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