Distributing the Chi: Feng Shui & Hallways


The structure of the home represents our bodies. If there is good flow in the home, chances are there is good flow of chi in the body.

Hallways are like arteries and veins, distributing the good chi into the home and allowing poor chi to disseminate.

Long hallways – Some homes have long hallways which can cause chi to speed up and crash at the end of the hallway.  If there happens to be a room there, the occupant(s) of that room can suffer from poor sleep and physical and mental health issues. Life can become chaotic.

Slow the chi down by placing a runner with soft patterns in it, stagger lighting and artwork, or if wide enough, you can stagger plants along the path.

Narrow hallways – The minimum width of a hallway is 36 inches, according to modern building codes. However, some older homes can have  hallways narrower than that. A narrow hallway can restrict the chi, limiting the amount of chi available at the other end of the hallway, just as it restricts our chi while we are in it. 

Psychologically widen the space by adding a mirror or lighting on one side of the hallway.

Complicated hallways – Some hallways can incorporate several turns which causes the body to continually hit "blocking" walls and causes stress to the body.  It can also lead to stagnant chi that gets trapped in this space, typically in the center of the home, which can affect the entire house.

"Yang up" the space by minimizing artwork and direct chi with mirrors and/or lighting on the "blocking" walls.

Do you have a hallway question? Please let me know and I'll add it in my next blog.

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  1. Lisa L says

    My office at work is a the end of a long hallway (in a cube with no door).  My seat is in direct line with the entrance to my cube and it is the only way my cube can be arranged. 
    I am interrupted continually and feel like I'm at a dead end professionally. I've begged and pleaded to be moved but I'm at the mercy of others. Is there a way to enhance my feng shui? 

  2. Maureen says

    Lisa – This is a difficult work situation. First, if you’re back is to the “door” of your cube, I would advise placing a mirror so that you can easily see when someone is behind you. If people are continually interrupting you, place a sign saying something like “Please do not disturb” when you are engrossed in a project. However, you can’t keep that sign up all the time or people will complain. Use it sparingly, perhaps a few hours a day.
    If you approach your boss with the understanding that your productivity would improve greatly if you are moved to a quieter location (and it will!), perhaps he/she will listen. Put it in terms that mean something to them. Good luck!

  3. Mindy says

    My office is at the end of a long hallway, what should I put in front of my office door to improve the feng shui?

  4. Maureen says

    In the meantime, you can hang a Swarovski-type crystal from the ceiling just inside your office door to slow the chi down. Use 9 inches of red string to make it most powerful. Visualize that this is slowing the chi down and making your office an environment conducive to health, well-being and productivity. Then, when there is an opportunity that opens up, request to move!
    Best of luck,

  5. Sun says

    My apartment is at the end of a long hallway, and I am the only door. On both sides there are apartments as well, and the doors do not equally match up with each other–nor do they cut each other off (I believe).

    Ever since I have moved in–I have had career issues-and no luck in love. Could it be the placement of my apartment? And if so–what can I do to cure it? Right now I have placed a religious picture above my door on the inside. The entrance is also dark and somewhat narrow–I am thinking of placing an octagonal mirror.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated!


  6. Maureen says

    The entrance can definitely be affecting career and relationships – can impact any area of your life.
    If you can place something on your door, add something bright and sunshiny, like a wreath with yellow flowers. This will be welcoming and attract positive chi.
    Inside you said your entrance is dark and narrow. I suggest adding a mirror on the wall that your door opens to, to expand this area and give depth, rather than seeing a blocking wall whenever you walk in. Perhaps you need better/more lighting here and also, you could add bright-colored artwork on the other wall to “yang it up” a bit. Good luck!

  7. Omahabyrd says

    Hello there. I am hoping you can help me find a solution for my dead end hallway inside my house. We live in a split level, thus upon entering you have the choice of going up or down. The short flight up ends with 3 choices. 1. Straight into the kitchen. 2. Turn right and the open floor plan is the dinning/living/sitting area or 3. You turn left and you have the long hallway off of which is the main bathroom, 2 closets and 3 bedrooms. I read the above article, and yes, the hallway is 36 inches wide and roughly 20 feet long. When facing the end of the hallway, the wall there is bare. It is 96(H) x 36(W). There is a door to a bedroom directly on the left (while facing wall). However, on the right side, there is an empty wall measuring 52 inches. Then it’s the door to the Master bedroom. Thus, all the rooms/closets are staggered on either side of the hallway. 3 on one side & 3 on the other side. I hope this makes sense and you or someone can give me some ideas to make this feel better.

    Thank you in advance!

  8. Maureen says

    Your description is very good. I can get a good sense of the space. I would suggest painting that wall that you face (at end of hallway) a vibrant color and seems like you have enough space to place a narrow table to give interest. This, I believe, is the family area of the house (using the Bagua) and you could place a few happy photos of family. Also, might want to hang a piece of art that you love. This is the area of Wood, so artwork with flowers or trees is a great idea, but whatever you love. Let me know how it goes!

  9. ctague says

    Hi Maureen,
    We live in a 2 bdr apartment. The layout from the entrance is living room, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, bathroom, kitchen. We have a long hallway that runs between the living room & the kitchen. It has 3 doors (all on the right side) for the 2 bedrooms and bathroom. If you are in the living room, looking down the hall you look directly at the back door off the kitchen. If you’re in the kitchen, looking down the hall, you see the side of the couch in the living room and on the other side of the couch is a bookshelf (facing the hall). The hall doesn’t have any windows. We hung 6 candle holders on the non-door wall. I’ve read hanging crystals between the doorways would help. Any other suggestions? I’m particularly concerned of the end of the hall that leads into the kitchen & then almost immediately out the back door. Most of the hall is in the Fame area of our home (based off of the Bahia/entrance)

  10. Maureen says

    A few area rug runners helps slow chi down. Also, considering staggering lighting down the hall – left, then right, then left. It will also help slow chi down, but will add more lighting – sounds like it is a rather dark space. Good luck!

  11. Litework says

    Hi Maureen! Thank you for your wonderful and informative site. I have a bit of a complex issue and haven’t been able to find anything that helps much – perhaps you could give me some insight?

    I just moved in (renting) and my apartment feels great, but it has a bit of a pickle feng shui-wise. the front door faces the bathroom door, which is at the end of a longish hallway. On the west side of the hallway is a wall of closets that comprises pretty much all of the creativity/children area, and on the east side are the doors to my baby daughter’s bedroom and then mine. The bathroom is dead smack at the end off the hallway and you can see the front door from it, and vice-versa.

    Alsoooooo…half of the bathroom (where the sink is) is my fame and reputation area, and the other half is my relationship and marriage ba gua section (where the toilet and shower are!) part of this area also extends into the long hallway closet.

    I have done some nice things color-wise in the bathroom, but I’m worried about the relationship section going down the drain, and also the hallway that cuts right through the center (health) area and ends in the bathroom after speeding up the chi. Arrrgggghhhh…any insight?

    Thanks in advance!


  12. Maureen says

    Hi Jules,
    Thanks for reading my blog and asking your questions! So glad that your new apartment feels great – that is most important!

    Also, glad that it’s not a bedroom door at the end of the long hallway which could impact sleep and health. I would slow the chi down by using one of the suggestions in the blog – but be careful that the “solution” doesn’t restrict chi, just slows it down a bit. Perhaps a runner (rug) in the hallway.

    Regarding the fact that drains are in Fame/Reputation and Romance, you can add the Fire element to the bathroom, which would support the energy of both of those guas. Candles or touches of red would be great. I do have another cure for the drains, but it’s a sacred transcendental cure and would requires me to consult with you.

    I hope that helps! Please consider signing up for my free enewsletter which also gives you access to lots of Free Resources! And let me know if I can of further help.


  13. Litework says

    Thanks Maureen!

    I bought some really cool raindrop-shaped mirrors beforeI readyour reply – my intention was to open up the space, since my children/creativity area is pretty much all engulfed in these long built-in closets along the hallway. I was going to place them (they are meant to be staggered creatively wherever you want them, they are adhesive) on the blank wall opposite the closets. What do you think about these?

    A rug is a great idea! It is very hot here now so I was hoping to stay away from rugs until it got warmer, but I don’t think the hallway would make much difference heat-wise.

    I read something elsewhere about tieing a red ribbon on the pipe leading out of the toilet into the wall – I’m a bit skeptical about the difference a ribbon would make, but I’ve put a red rug in the bathroom and done a “collage” on my mirror frame with bright-but-earthy oranges and deep reddish-brown, candles are next as soon as I can ever get organized (decorating wth an 18-month-old running rampant has proved a challenge hahahahhaha).

    How do you hold your consultations? I live in Brazil and am not sure how that could work…

    Thanks so much for getting back to me!


  14. Maureen says


    Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see this until now.

    For long hallway – if a runner (rug) isn’t a good option, you can also hang one or two feng shui crystals to slow chi down.

    For bathroom – yes, the red ribbon on drain pipe would work, but you must do it with intention. In fact, I believe that any feng shui cure has to be done with intention for what you want it to do. The other “red” ideas are good too (bringing in the fire and earth elements).

    I do long distance consultations via Skype. Please let me know if you’d like to do one.

    I hope you had a good holiday season!

  15. alicia13 says


    I am moving into a home with a long hallway that ends at my bedroom door. I am not sure what I can do to slow the chi from entering my bedroom. I know rugs will slow down the chi along with lighting. But what I can do in the bedroom to ensure positive energy. Please help!!


  16. Maureen says

    Hi Alicia,
    is your bed aligned with the door (meaning, if you walk straight into your room do you hit the bed)? If so, place something between the door and bed to buffer the energy. If not, you are probably fine.

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