Elephants and Feng Shui

feng shui elephantsI had limited training about the symbolism of animals in Feng Shui. So when a student me asked about the placement of elephant statues that she just received as a gift, we had to do a little research to see where to put them and what they symbolized.

Elephants are symbols of longevity and familial commitment.

They live an average of 70 years and have very strong familial and social bonds. To boost Health, you can place elephants in the center of your home. To boost family ties and children, place in those areas, respectively. You can also place one in the family room or kitchen!

Elephants are intelligent animals.

They have large, complex brains, and a great memory. Research has shown that they are self-aware and empathetic to each other as well as other animals. To help with meditation and self-knowledge, place an elephant in Self-Knowledge area, a meditation room, or even a home office. To help with school work, an elephant can also be placed in a child’s room.

Elephants are also protectors.

They are the Earth’s largest land mammal and they have a great ability to discriminate between predators and different levels of threat. For protection and security, you can place elephants at the entrance to your home. Be sure to have them facing into your home (rather than out). This way, they usher positive chi into your life.

Elephant Trunks Up or Down?

If the elephant’s trunk is in an upward position it is said to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. However, if the elephant’s trunk is down, it is said to represent health and conception. So either way it is good feng shui.

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I found this wonderful article that gives a great education on these magnificent creatures.


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