Feng Shui Coaching

Helping my clients during feng shui consultations I saw that there was a need for a longer-term relationship. Some clients were going through major life transitions, like changing careers, moving house, becoming an empty nest, or starting life over after a divorce, among other things.

They asked for more guidance as they moved through the shifts in their life.

feng shui coachingSo I went away and created a service offering to fit this need, called Renew Your Spaces. Renew Your Spaces is a blend of feng shui consultation and spiritual coaching. I created it to help you with major changes on the outside (your home) as well as the inside (your spirit). It is my belief that our homes can help or hinder our progress, and subtle shifts in the energy can be all that you need to move through the change.

Change is a funny thing. 

Change can be scary. It challenges us to bypass the old patterns in our lives that we built up over years, and sometimes decades. It requires us to see things with a new perspective – to see what has gone on before, what worked and what didn’t, and most importantly, what we want to attract in this next phase.

Change requires courage to take the leap into a new world with new rules and new opportunities. And change is the #1 thing that can propel us into spiritual growth and transformation.

My experience

I’ve had my share of experiences with change, as you have. Sometimes I was kicking and clawing and sometimes I was open and aware. From death of my parents over the years, to being laid off from my marketing career of over 20 years, to major challenges with both of my children. These were all turning points for me – at different levels – and opportunities to grow.

To get me through these difficult times I found many different sources for spiritual guidance, including a few very special friends, and amazing books and movies. And most importantly, the people that entered my life during those phases were invaluable. I have tremendous gratitude for their wisdom and guidance that helped me through those difficult, changing, shifting times. Deep gratitude.

And now I am deeply grateful again to be here to help others with their spiritual turning points. Renew Your Spaces combines my unique gifts and talents. No two people will experience the same coaching.  It is a unique process that I customize based on your needs and goals.

Feng shui coachingWhat is “Feng Shui Coaching?”

I know that for those of you going through difficult times “one and done” isn’t going to cut it. A feng shui consultation can really help clear some blocks, but you often go back to your typical patterns of behavior and energy. You want support and guidance through the maze of change. You want someone that will guide you back to your goals and the path to get there. You want your life to shine again, and your home, too. You want to find the blocks (inner and outer!) that are keeping your from moving forward and to

Renew Your Spaces consists of a feng shui consultation (either onsite or long distance) on your home plus regular Skype or phone calls for coaching. I use a variety of methods:

  • Personality quizzes with the 5 Elements
  • Dowsing for negative energy
  • Space clearing & blessing ceremony
  • Divination methods (including I-Ching)
  • Astrology
  • Dream work
  • Meditations & Other Cures

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True Nature Quiz! 

Five Element personality quizDiscover Your True Nature Element and make simple shifts in your space to attract positive energy.

Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal - Water

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