Five Tips to Bring Nature into Your Home

5 Tips for Nature in your home
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A really interesting house trend to watch is called biophilic design. Biophilic design has been around for a couple of decades, but has grown in popularity so much in this past year because it’s all about our affinity to nature and our love of living things.

And since the pandemic lockdown in 2020, with lots of people working and schooling from home, many more people are realizing that nature in our everyday lives does matter. And by bringing nature into our homes we are calmer and more productive.

So what can you do to bring some nature into your home? I’ve put together this top five list of easy ways to create a more peaceful and supportive home.

In a rush? Here are the five things you can do, but watch my brief video on youtube here for why and how!

  1. sit with natural light
  2. access to fresh air
  3. have some rocks
  4. add a water feature
  5. bring in live plants




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