Remember Who You Work For!

(excerpt from draft of my newest book on earth energy connection and healing)

earth energy workThe COVID pandemic has provided us with many interesting dynamics.

For the first time in human history, the entire planet has been put on pause. There is nowhere on the Earth that has not be impacted by this virus. We cannot run to another corner of our planet to escape.

Industry, transportation, building, and in short, what we term as “progress” has been put on hold. Habitats have been able to catch their breath from the onslaught of pollution.

Wildlife have repopulated urban areas due to reduced human activity.

And humans, with little else to keep them entertained, have gone outside in droves. Attendance at national parks has soured. Sales of outdoor sports equipment has skyrocketed, and shortages abound. There is greater interest in vegetable gardens and supporting local farms.

Are more people finally recognizing that nature doesn’t quit us? That nature is always there to entertain us, to help us grieve, to help us find balance in our lives? Or will those bicycles and snowshoes gather dust in our garages?

In addition, the movement of the planets in our solar system have mirrored what we are seeing on the Earth. Using the symbolism and archetypes of astrology as a guide, they show us their magic of divine reflection. As above, so below.

For years, it was foretold that 2020 would be a year of great change and instability. Starting in mid-January, we saw the first “gathering” of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn. This powerhouse of planets impacted us throughout the year.

2020 was a year of restriction (Saturn) and upheaval (Pluto) of grand proportions (Jupiter).  Governments, institutions, and the economy, experienced chaos all over the world. Revolutions and rebellions abounded.

In 2021, those planets shifted away from each other, but then there was the beginning of a year-long square (conflict and tension) between Saturn (structure and tradition) with Uranus (chaos and lightning quick change).

It is said that the 2020 planetary “intervention” had the energy of uncoupling and unseating our traditional way of being on this planet. Will 2021 will herald the start of revolutionary shifts in all manners of human society?

When it comes down to it, we know. The Earth, Gaia, has suffered in this abusive relationship for centuries. En masse, we are no longer listening. Most of us have little or no capacity to hear her cries. She is on her way out the door. Door closing behind her.

If we sit back long enough to contemplate all of this, it is breathtakingly clear that what we are witnessing is what scholar and environmental activist Joanna Macy calls the Great Turning or a great shift…a pattern for change. Something that we (the global “we”) needed in order to go on a new trajectory.

We know that we need to radically shift how we live on this planet. Something the environmental movement has been saying for decades. The Earth is our only home and a rapidly increasing population are putting greater demands upon those finite resources. And because we refuse to listen. We must now take this opportunity to truly hear and respond.

This time, as we transition into the Age of Aquarius, is when we need to step up. Revolution, restructure, restore, reincarnate, remember, rebel, renew. All words that Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, embodies.

The arc of our lives has brought us all to this moment. Right here. And it’s very clear to me that my mission, right now, is to share my stories and inspire you to have more stories of your own to share.

On frequent calls with my dear friend Kathleen, an artist and intuitive healer, I share my concerns about my ability to do this work or getting distracted on other projects. Thankfully, she  continues to remind me…she remind me of my life’s purpose. She says, “Remember who you work for!”

Who do I work for?

Her. She. Gaia. The Divine Mother of us all. She goes by many names, the Earth. Since Greek times, and perhaps even longer, humanity has referred to the earth and nature in general as possessing the feminine gender.

Why? Well first, there’s anthropomorphism.

Anthropomorphism is the practice of ascribing human traits and behavior to non-human entities. Our language requires ascribing of gender when we communicate.

Second, we associate the human traits of mothering with the Earth. Birthing, nurturing, and providing, these are all behaviors that we associate with the Mother, an archetype understood across all time and cultures.

Some call her Gaia, which is the Greek’s primordial earth goddess. In modern times, the Gaia Hypothesis suggests that the Earth, containing all of it’s living and nonliving components, are part of one single organism.

When we attribute human qualities to the Earth, it is much harder to ignore her suffering. She is no longer an “it” or inanimate component of the universe. She is not just the background to which the human epic is played out.

She is alive and has needs.

And if we think of her as the abused partner, we also realize that she has strength to endure, to persist, regardless of her suffering. And she will step up and face her abuser.

The #METOO movement finally takes on a new meaning. As above, so below.


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