Spiritual Callings in a Popular TV Show

It’s exciting to see a television show on NBC that embraces spiritual callings and the journey.

Spiritual callings

Manifest has 3 seasons, but I didn’t notice it until recently on Netflix. I was attracted to the name, of course, having a double meaning.

The premise of the show is an airline flight that went missing and reappeared five years later, yet time did not pass for the passengers. It navigates the emotional turmoil of reappearing in the lives of their loved ones, having been proclaimed dead years before.

But the part of the show that captured my attention were their callings. Each of the passengers have these experiences full of symbolism through images and sensations that require being deciphered.

The main “decipherer” is Ben Stone, a surviving flight “828’er” who is a mathematics professor. He has a war room of clues in his garage that I am very envious of! Why?

I have been Ben Stone’s character since I was 11 years old. I have always seen the undercurrent of reality and a deeper meaning to so-called coincidences. I have studied symbolism in archetypes and mythology. Maybe you have, too?

My dreams, astrology, and life experiences are all part of that war room. I can see them strung up, making connections, and deepening my understanding to MY calling, my life path. As I’m writing my newest book, I am delving into these symbols and learning more about the synchronicities than ever before. .

But there are a few main differences to this fiction show.

Unlike real spiritual callings, their callings are loud, can be painful, and are impossible to ignore. In fact, they must follow their callings in order to survive.

In reality, our callings are often soft whispers that can pass without a second notice and can be easily overlooked. Our physical life is not usually dependent (or perhaps it is?) on our follow-through. However, our spiritual selves are at stake.

In fact, I believe that we all have had callings at one time or other in our lives, yet so few take them seriously enough to consider their meaning.

Usually two or more passengers receive the same or similar calling at the same time, and they are all required to solve and take action.

In reality, we rarely have the experience with another. We are often on a solo journey. What can help, when on the spiritual path, is to have a community, like the 828’ers, to share and discover with.

In the show, the passengers who don’t have community and don’t realize what is happening to them, feel like they are going mad! Their intimate circles call them crazy and psychotic. Unfortunately, this is one similarity to real life that I wish weren’t true. Although, there is more spiritual community and help than ever before.

And finally throughout the show they refer to this biblical verse, Roman 8:28 (well, of course):

“All things work to the good for those who love God and are called to His purpose.”

I do firmly believe that outcomes are for the good when we embrace the light; when we recognize our life’s purpose, our calling in life.

For now, the show was canceled by NBC, due to low ratings, but Netflix saw a surge in viewers and considered producing the show’s fourth season. But decided against it. Hoping that they change their mind!

Catch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. Season 3 is available here on NBC.

Let me know what you think!





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