6 Steps to Sanity in These Trying Times

Got an email from a client today that pretty much sums up what I’m hearing from many people:

I feel like I have been experiencing a lot of negativity lately (lots of bad luck, sickness, death, things going wrong etc.).  I was wondering if you knew of any small things I can do to increase some positivity or good things happening in my life.

So I answered as quickly and earnestly as I could. And hear is what I said:

Ahhh….yes there is a lot of all of that going on right now. Saturn (the planet of deep life lessons) and Uranus (the planet of sudden disruption) are in a tense connection for all of 2021. They are creating havoc on a global level as well as hitting some people more personally. Cannot avoid it. I am not a professional astrologer, but am an enthusiastic student my entire life.

So, I will give you some things you CAN do.

  • Be present as much as possible during your day. Enjoy the little things and give gratitude to things that GO your way. You get a good parking spot (isn’t it funny how people use that all the time as an example? Ha!)
  • Being present can also be a gift in noticing nature. Nature wants and needs to be noticed and acknowledged. That flower you see as you walk, smell it, etc. Look at the sky and marvel at the clouds…you get the drift (haha!)
  • Understand that things are getting upset because things need to shift/change in our lives. What is it that you need to change? What isn’t working for you? Consider that.
  • Be kind to yourself (self-care) and those around you. Tell them you love them and mean it. Send love out fully to those around you and those that aren’t. How do you do that? Feel love for them and simply intend to send that out into the ethers to reach their hearts.
  • Know that this will pass and you will have learned something that you needed to learn. That is what personal growth is about.
  • Remember that we cannot change others, and are only able to change some of our circumstances (like quit a job, leave a relationship). But we have 100% control over our personal energy and what we occupy our minds with. The more LOVE and gratitude you feel, the more that will positively impact those around you. It doesn’t happen overnight, but be disciplined in that, and you will feel better. I guarantee it!

These things are simple, but not easy. They are oh so easy to forget during our everyday life, but they are the critical to our sense of sanity and for feeling more abundant and joyful in our lives!

Is this list complete? No. This is what came at the top of my head today as I wrote back.

Maureen Calamia

There are many other things we can do (and shouldn’t do!) but these are a start.

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