Guest Blog: My Road to Feng Shui – Feng Shui’ing as a Child!

by Charmaine Buskas

Although I am relatively new to the formal practice of feng shui, I guess you could say I’ve been practicing informally since I was a kid. My mother was very fond of moving the furniture around every once in a while, and I would often help her decide what piece fits in the best place. I could always feel a shift in the energy of the room when we were done and I tapped into that inherent intuition later on when I began to live on my own and felt like my apartment needed a change. I started reading feng shui books as an adult and connected to the relationship between one’s home and one’s feelings.

After working in the financial field for 14 years, I found myself downsized and only vaguely thinking about possibly taking another career path. I had been thinking that I wanted to take a feng shui course, but I remained on the fence about it until my  husband encouraged me to just do it as I had the opportunity that my new found free time afforded me! And when I did study feng shui in a more formal setting I truly realized how powerful and transformative the practice truly is.

I studied with Maureen in her Advanced Re-Nature Feng Shui program in early 2017 and learned so much about how to look at different life issues via the home. I had already done one other feng shui certification that gave me an understanding of the basic principles of feng shui, but I felt I needed to learn more.

Between the formal study of a wide range of problem areas in the home, the numerous in class case studies, and Maureen’s individual attention, I felt I came away with a deep understanding of feng shui and how to apply it to my own life and also to help others. Maureen’s profound knowledge and desire to share her know how with others makes her program very special indeed!

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Charmaine’s Bio
Charmaine is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and member of the International Feng Shui Guild. In 2017 she joined the IFSG Board of Directors. She was certified in 2014 and took the Advanced Re-Nature Feng Shui certification in early 2017. She is always looking for new ways to find balance and harmony in her home through feng shui and is passionate about using the discipline of feng shui to help others. Prior to taking up feng shui, she was in the financial industry for 15 years. She lives in central NJ with her husband and two children.

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