How to Create a Terrarium

How to Create a TerrariumOn a recent visit as a presenter at The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, PA, I attended a workshop on how to make a terrarium.

I was very interested to participate, as I had recently created my own moss gardens and shared those with you.

In addition, terrariums, like moss gardens, are very simple to make, maintain, and they do not require much. And, they contribute to wonderful live plant energy in your home. So many clients complain that they are not good with plants, but terrariums, like moss gardens, are simple to care for.

Note: They must have indirect light, which means they should be placed in a room with a window, but not directly in the sun, so they require little natural light to survive – another bonus!

Here are a few basic steps to create your own:

Start with a clear glass container, pebbles, moss (sphagnum was used to help retain water), basic potting soil, charcoal pieces, and a few plants (I used these baby succulents – perfect for this small container!)

1. Add charcoal pieces to cover the bottom in a small layer.

2. Add the potting soil next. Pack the soil down to remove any air pockets.

3. Carefully remove the plants from their pots and remove half of their roots and most the soil. Position the plants to allow for a little space around each one. Be sure all the roots are buried and again, pack down the soil lightly to remove any air pockets.

4. Layer in the sphagnum moss around each plant. (Note: make sure first that you saturate the moss and then squeeze out most of the water before applying to the container.)

5. Add a layer of pebbles to help keep the roots firmly planted and added texture to the container.

6. Finally, use a mister to water the pebbles and moss around the plants well.

Set in a place with indirect light and marvel at your new beautiful creation! Job well done!




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