How We Use Our Homes (And Not!)

Reading this article on “What would our homes look like if we designed around how we use them?” provides a fascinating insight into how we use our homes. A group of representative middle class families were studied in their 2,000+ sf homes. Their usage patterns were tracked through key periods of the day and the results are striking.

For me, I could have told you what the usage patterns of Americans were, but seeing it laid out in this simple, straight-forward fashion seems a bit shocking.

I think we are close to the end of the McMansion-era. This is not a sustainable way to live.

In addition to being costly to maintain, those under-utilized rooms equate to stagnant energy. And according to feng shui, where those rooms are located (according to the bagua) can impact specific areas of your life, creating stagnation.

I often work with clients in large homes and encourage them to use those spaces more frequently. Perhaps re-purpose a living room as a home office (as I do).  Create a yoga/meditation space in an unused bedroom. At the very least, use these spaces for reading, hobbies, or creating a cozy nook.Click here to see the review of the .

Take a look at your home. Do you have any “stagnant” areas that you’d like to energize?

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