Myth: Feng Shui is Asian Design?


The words "feng shui" evoke an Asian-inspired or even Zen-like scene. But it doesn't have to be so. In fact, most good feng shui spaces do not have Asian decor.

You can blend feng shui principles with any design, such as country, contemporary, eclectic, or even post-modern.  

By designer Kenneth Brown, this modern bedroom has many feng shui touches, such as the earthy warm wall color and furnishings. Fabric curtains, the upholstered chair and bedding provide the soft features of the room, while the side table and lamp balance them out. Fresh flowers provide the nature element to this space. Very tranquil.

This contemporary design by Andreas Charalambous gives the bed the command position in the room (view of door with solid wall behind the bed). The wood platform bed is great for health, in that it doesn't conduct electromagnetic stress (as metal beds do) and gives ample circulation under and around the bed. Equal treatment (lamps and side tables) on both sides of the bed provide good support to both partners in the relationship. The variety of lighting options allows for the different activities that take place in the room. Area rug and soft chairs add to the softness of the space.

This eclectic-style bedroom designed by Erinn Valencich exudes a connection to nature. Vivid red flowers in the bed scarf, nature patterns in the window treatment, fresh flowers bedside and beautiful live tree all contribute to this nature-inspired room.

You can have fun with feng shui and still maintain your own design style!

Photo credits: (Top) Mayer Bowden Photography; (otheres)

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  1. says

    I do not see a single element that is modern here.  Perhaps it's a remote control to a TV under a pillow?

  2. Maureen says

    “Modern” doesn’t have to be technological. What I am referring to here is modern design – clean lines.

  3. Mattie Cahal says

    Flowers speak the language of love. It also speaks your concern and condolence on specific occasions of grief and sorrow. One of the best ways of expressing your love and affection to your beloved ones is through flowers – The flowers, colorful, fragrant and fresh from the gardens. `”

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