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Coming out of 2020 I have deep gratitude for the space that allowed me to sink into my soul.

I was able to delve more deeply than ever into spiritual studies and practice. I deepened my lifelong studies in astrology from both a personal and global perspective. I took several courses in depth psychology, dreams, energy healing, and shamanism.

And, I’ve had the great fortune of spending time with one of my amazing spiritual mentors, Alex Stark. Among everything I did, my time with Alex was the most significant and influential.

I recognized that a new path was opening for me that I hadn’t recognized before. I’d spent the last 10 years creating and expanding the Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School, which includes online certification programs in feng shui, biophilic design, and earth energy healing.

But now, I was led to create a course in spiritual practices: The Power of Presence: A Masterclass in Spirituality. 

What was my inspiration? Three words that were said by Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, founder of BTB feng shui, at one of the teachings that I attended back in 2005: BE THE CURE

In other words, “be the light.” 

Maureen Calamia and Alex Stark
Maureen Calamia with Alex Stark

That fascinated me. Some of my teachers spoke of seeing Professor at feng shui consultations and witnessed that just his presence in the space shifted everything.

Hearing that, I knew this was my goal, however reachable or long-range it may be.

I read about “The Rainmaker,” a Chinese fable, that was told to Carl Jung by his good friend Richard Wilhelm:

A Chinese village is besieged by drought and unless there is rain quite quickly, the village is going to starve to death. They have tried everything they know. So they finally decide to send, at a great distance, for the famous rainmaker.

The great rainmaker is summoned and when he gets to the village he says: Please build me a straw hut outside the village and give me enough food and water for five days. Do not disturb me! When the hut is ready, the rainmaker disappears into it and on the fourth day it rains…just in time to save the village.

The grateful villagers went to the hut, and ask, “How did you do it? What was the ceremony that made it rain?” The rainmaker said, “Oh! You must understand. You see,  when I came to your village, I was so out of sorts inside myself that I had to put things right inside first. I never got to the rainmaking ceremony.”

And that is the power of presence!

Now, fifteen years later, I realized that I not only wanted, but needed, to share my thoughts on developing greater presence and light. It more important than ever to share these teachings.

The Power of Presence: A Masterclass in Spirituality

Presence refers to how present you are in your everyday life, as well as the quality of energy around you. To enhance your presence will bring you greater joy, compassion, and health in body, mind, and spirit. And perhaps something greater than this? You will be contributing to the evolution of your local as well as global consciousness, and your soul’s path.

The online course blends experiential practices in an intimate setting for sharing and dialogue. Exercises include meditation, breathwork, ceremony, re-naturing (techniques that I’ve developed for nature connection), and the sharing of spiritual experiences.

Be part of the inaugural class, starting mid-January 2021. 





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