Shifting Chi in Your Home

In Feng Shui, we say that your home is a mirror of yourself. The outer is an expression of the inner, and vice versa.

Remember when you got your first home? You were able to decorate it with anything you liked. How exciting! Well, my oldest child just moved out last week and of course I have that sadness that only a parent understands. But I'm also looking at it through her eyes.

The excitement of putting your mark on your own place is thrilling! She took some things from her room, but mostly her "decor" stuff is still in her old room!  That's because she is exploring a new self – her "on her own" self (well, with a boyfriend in tow). She is no longer the "girl" living in her parents home.

Look around your home. What is your "outer" saying about your "inner" self? I see lots of color, excitement, vitality and passion around me – just how I feel about my self and my life.  Thankfully, my husband feels the same way – so we tend to agree on decor.

Ever notice being really attracted to something up at Home Goods or Ikea or better yet, an art gallery or eclectic boutique, and hesitating, saying to yourself "This doesn't go in my house…" What does that object represent to you? Is it a new direction for your inner self? Does it represent something unexplored in your life?

Taking that one object home might cause some shifts in your decor over time, but that is what growing is all about. We should be constantly shifting and changing in how we approach the world – actually, that is a healthy expression of living. So, our homes should naturally shift and change.

If you are having trouble changing your perspective, or feeling stagnant in your life, changing your home environment can move the chi.

But don't take my words too far.  I don't condone consumerism for the sake of it. I am not saying to go on a buying spree. Nor am I saying to accumulate tons of clutter in your home – when you get something new, something should go (give it away to someone who will enjoy it or sell it).

But if you find yourself drawn to something new, something wild, something outrageous, something that makes your heart speed up, try it out! It just might be the thing you need to shift into a new you.


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