Single-Most Important Goal in Life

Raising Consciousness

In this postraising consciousness, I listed 9 signs that you are not sleepwalking through life.

Are you sleepwalker or awake? You probably are more awake than most if you are reading this post.

I believe that our single-most important mission in life is to raise our own consciousness. Every day we see the lack of awareness when we watch the news and go about our lives. We witness the pain when others succumb to negative thoughts and experiences. And we encounter our own pain when we react to situations out of impulse rather than choose our response.

When I was in feng shui training one specific idea had a deep resonance with me. I was tasked to develop my spiritual self to eventually “be the cure,” according to Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, the founder of BTB (Black Sect Tibetan Buddhist) feng shui.  He taught that this was the highest achievement, not just as feng shui practitioners, but as human beings.  It was our goal to be able to walk through a space and transform it with our energy and consciousness.

When reading Power Vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, David R. Hawkins, Ph.D., I was inspired by his straightforward approach to the topic of consciousness and energy. When we raise our consciousness, we increase our stillness and presence in the NOW. We are able to better choose our reactions to events in our lives. We can also have a greater, more positive impact on others we encounter.

I like to think of it as “The Force” in the Star Wars movies.  The Force is positive energy that conquers all. It is the highest consciousness.  And this energy gains in strength the higher our consciousness is.

Moving Through the Levels of Consciousness
Once we reach the turning point to positive levels of consciousness, there is no going back. We see reality for what it is. We see our connections to everything in the universe. We see with greater clarity and purpose.

As many wisdom teachings have illustrated, growth in higher consciousness can be a spontaneous leap or incremental advances. A spontaneous leap often happens with a significant revelation either from a major trauma or even a single, awesome experience in nature. But most of us experience baby steps in our lives.

In today’s world, everything is accelerating, including spirituality. In this great shift in consciousness that we are experiencing today, I believe that many more will have spontaneous leaps forward, or a series of big leaps within a short period of time.

Here are some ways to continue to raise your consciousness:

Be mindful of the signs from above – I am always watchful for signs from spirit or the Divine, that show me where I should be heading. These signs come in dreams, observing nature, and of course, in daily life, having a regular conversation or experience. It’s all about being mindful of the sign and then properly interpreting the meaning.

Read books on spiritual growth – There are thousands of books on spirituality. So many of them say the same thing, but in different words. Unfortunately, we need to hear something repeated (using different words) at least seven times (or more!) before it actually sinks in. How often have you finally heard something said, and then it finally makes sense?

Participate in spiritual workshops and classes – It’s important to be live with others on this path. People inspire us and help us build our community of like-minded people. Again, hearing the same thing said multiple ways will eventually inspire us. So if it’s worth learning, especially for our spiritual growth, then it’s worth attending. And with the popularity of online workshops and classes, we can do this more often.

Do therapy with a spiritual counselor – I’ve had so many people help me on my path. Again, hearing the concepts from different people really helped me to absorb the teachings. And having a one-on-one personal relationship with someone that I truly felt had a higher consciousness has been key to my growth.

Meditate – You were expecting this one, right? Of course this is on my list! Meditation is so important to give us the stillness and presence in the NOW. It gives us the opportunity to connect, to have more peace, and gives us better options in our daily experiences.

Surround yourself with people that of higher consciousness (it’s contagious!) – It’s hard to grow spiritually when others around you have no interest, no desire, and might even try to sabotage you. Lower consciousness people will drag you down if you don’t know how to limit contact or break out.

Improve the feng shui of your home (because that’s contagious, too!) – If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that the energy of your home has a great influence on your thoughts, behavior, and life. Do a space clearing and blessing in your home. Have a feng shui consultation. Refresh, renew and give your home a new goal – a spiritual goal!

Remember, life is a journey, not an end goal. Throughout our lifetimes we will never be the highest consciousness possible. But if we strive to raise our consciousness higher and higher, that is the ultimate!

Is there something I missed? Comments? Would love to hear from you.

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