When Energy Shifts After Doing Feng Shui Cures

A few months ago, one of my clients Kate asked me to come over to her home. She explained that things were “going south” in her job of the past twenty years.

Her boss no longer included her in some important business meetings. She felt that he was subtly trying to get her to quit.  And so far she was resisting this urge to quit but it was getting harder every day.

I recognized that we needed to boost up her Fame & Reputation sector in her home office and her work office.

At home, we placed two mirrors opposite one another. These are not just any mirrors, but what we call “Sun-Moon mirrors” which are created with special ritual. She was to place one in Career and one in Fame & Reputation, which are across each other on the Bagua Map. The idea is that I wanted to create an opening on both sides – a portal – to allow the chi to move freely between these two areas to welcome in opportunities.

Although everything in life is connected, the life areas on opposing sides of the Bagua Map are very closely linked. Good opportunities in Career, coupled with right thought, actions and behavior results in positive Fame and good reputation in the world. With these mirrors my intention was to activate that positive, forward-moving energy.

In Kate’s work office, we needed to be a bit more discrete. I asked her to place a special print in Fame & Reputation to enhance this area. This print could be hidden from view, so she taped behind artwork that was already there. I also recommended a few other things.

A couple of days later, Kate notified me that all was set.

A few days after that, I received a panicked call from Kate. Earlier that day, her boss erupted in anger over a mishap at work and blamed it all on Kate. (She was partly to blame). She wondered, did she do something wrong with the cures? We reviewed the cures and all was well.

I told her to take a deep breath. One thing that feng shui teaches us is the wisdom of shifting energy. Chi moves in vibrational patterns, like the ebb and flow of the tide, and the rising and setting sun.  This wisdom, culled from the ancient “Book of Changes” also known as the I-Ching, tells us that nothing is static. Nature is always in motion. And this wisdom also relates to all human affairs.

With that said, the changes she made in her home and work office were meant to inspire change…to make a shift in that vibrational pattern. When those shifts occur, we don’t know what will happen. In fact, we cannot dictate what should happen. We are asking for guidance and divine support and we need to realize that what will happen is meant to be and is better for us, sometimes in the longer run.

So the recent tirade by her boss…perhaps it was the culmination of the “ebb” and now the chi will flow more positively in the situation. Or perhaps, she needs to really make a decision on what is best for her to do.  I suggested that she be patient and ask for guidance on her next step.

In Summary
These feng shui cures created an energy shift in her Career. Although the initial effect of that shift appeared to be greater negativity, the shift allowed the chi to culminate and peak, allowing the flow back toward less negativity, and more positive energy. While this energy was already shifting, guidance would flow easily and effortlessly to her.

The key to manifesting the greater energy is non action – allowing the shifts to work, to move us to a greater place. We often want to react to situations immediately.  But wisdom always teaches us that patience is key. “A person who masters patience, masters everything else.”





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