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One reader wrote in recently, asking what I thought about round work spaces. My response was "send some photos!" And that is what she did.

The photo to the left is her office space, a dual-level "eco-hab." But the reader and her husband also construct what she calls "o-pods." These adorable "spaces in the garden" are very eco-friendly, cost efficient, and can be moved with the owner.

According to the website, o-pods are energy efficient and the roof dome provides lots of natural light and warmth all year round. Costs ranges from 10,000-22,000 pounds (it's a UK-based firm).

About the energy of the space the reader says, "all of our customers feel really productive in a round office, and so do I…and I was wondering about the feng shui element… we build them for energy efficiency, and never considered Feng Shui but there must be something to do with energy flow and I'd love to learn more!!!"

Energetically, round spaces have no build-up of stagnant chi (no corners) and allow for an even distribution of chi. As an office space this will allow great creativity, perfect for writing, design, or any other career that requires innovative ideas.

And looking at the site, offices are not the only use for these wondrous little spaces. It would also be a great meditation space!

For more information, check out their website.

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