Creating a Feng Shui Garden: Fire Element


Adding Fire to your garden is the final way of creating a Feng Shui space. You can use flowers or objects with red or bright orange colors, pointy shapes, such as zig zag patterns, star or triangular shapes. But my favorite way of incorporating Fire is with fire pits, fireplaces, and pagodas (which, in there pointed tops helps connect Heaven and Earth). These are the essential ways to bring Fire into your space and also the most effective.

The element of Fire is about ascending and transcending this earth. It's energy is entrancing and mesmerizing. Fire brings transformation, clarity and connectedness, joy and excitement. But too much may exhaust us, so touches of Fire will be enough to create the right balance in your garden.

The Best Places for Fire

The best places to install Fire elements in your garden is in the South, Southwest, and Northeast. The South is where the Fire element naturally resides. It represents the height of the Sun, peak of the summer months and noontime. This is where we are outermost in our lives – where we are present in the community and our careers – therefore Fame, Reputation and Recognition are affected by the energies of the South.

Southwest and Northeast are both naturally Earth elements. Fire creates (and enhances) Earth so it's a great addition to both of these directions.

Southwest signifies our relationships, romantic partnerships and Mother energy. The Northeast signifies self-knowledge, introspection and spirituality and self-love, which is required in order to build connected and nurturing relationships.

Some More Examples

Here are some more beautiful examples of bringing the Fire element into your outdoor spaces:


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