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window without a view feng shui

At a workshop I did last night on Feng Shui & Gardens, there were many good questions and discussions about how to get the best feeling in your garden space.

One woman has her dining room window facing her neighbors unattractive stockade fence. The view is dead and does nothing for her dining experience. In fact, it’s a constant annoyance.

There is only four to five feet of space between her home and the fence, so not much space to play with. Also, mostly in the shade. How can she make a better feng shui view – one that is more positive and inspiring?

There was great interaction among the workshop participants – one of them a master gardener.

Here is what we suggested: placing a narrow trellis in front of her neighbors fence with some climbing plants.

window without a view feng shui

A little more elaborate, but as I was searching for ideas on the internet on sites like, I found this. Onto the trellis she could add a faux windows and a flower box with some lovely seasonal flowers or plants. During the winter months, she could add evergreen and holly branches to give the space some liveliness.

A simple idea: mount a metal trellis with intricate detailing, such as the one pictured here.

window without a view feng shui

Another idea I found on Outdoor art! The website suggests finding or using art with tiles or weather-proofing traditional art. I love that idea.

window without a view feng shui

It all comes down to this: work with what you have. There are always creative solutions to create a space that is more peaceful and feels alive!

What is you live in an apartment and condo with a poor window view? Here is another post I wrote for you.

Do you have any suggestions to add? How about questions on your unique feng shui situations? I would love to hear them!

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