The Luxury of Water in Your Garden


I was interviewed on a blog radio show last week and the topic of water came up. The interviewer said that she had put a waterfall and pond in her backyard garden and that it brought her much joy. And then it hit me! I’ve been talking about doing that for so long – now I have to do it this season.

Moving Water

Water represents vitality and life. Moving water is good feng shui. Stagnant water is not only poor feng shui, but it attracts insects and odors. So installing a waterfall, fountain or pond with fish enriches the garden space like no other element.

The luxury of water in feng shui garden
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All the Senses

Just imagine sitting out in your yard (or make believe you have one) with your morning cup of coffee or tea…hearing the sounds of either trickling water or a fuller volume. What an amazing way to start the day!

Water has an amazing quality to heal – the visual and soothing sounds. When Bailey (my dog) and I go for a walk, we pass this little waterfall (you could barely even call it that – but water does trickle!) and I just go into a zen space. I want that in my backyard! No, I NEED that in my backyard.

And did you know that negative ions are discharged into the air with moving water? According to, ions are electronically-charged particles in the air. So much of our environment is filled with positive ions, ironically, leading to illness due to the imbalance (also know as free radicals). So just like the ocean or a good rain storm, moving water discharges these health-enhancing ions leading to a greater balance. Another great benefit!

The luxury of water in feng shui garden
Chinese Scholar Garden Photo credit: Maureen Calamia

Chinese Scholar Garden Photo credit: Maureen Calamia

Best Place for Water

According to feng shui, the best placements for water features are in the North, East or Southeast. The North is ruled by the Water element (a natural placement) and represents our life’s journey. The East and Southeast are both ruled by Wood, which is nurtured by Water. East represents Family, Health and New Beginnings, and the Southeast represents Wealth & Abundance, so either is a great place for bringing the health and movement of a water feature. But, I think the best place for a water feature in your yard is anywhere you can put it!

At some point this summer, I hope to be posting photos of my waterfall and pond.

Do you have a water feature in your yard that you’d like to post? Let me know!

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