What’s Wrong with Beams Overhead?

Overhead beams and feng shuiYou’ll see it on lots of real estate shows. When a house has visible wood ceiling beams people immediately comment on them…and they love them! Even some great public buildings are coveted because of them (Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone).

You might have also heard that beams are not considered good Feng Shui. And that’s true, most of the time.

For instance, in the design of the Old Faithful Inn, the ceiling is cathedral-like and the beams actually feel like they are mimicking a forest. They are a beautiful design feature and do not cause harmful Feng Shui.

However, if beams are over your bed, and you have standard 8-10 ft ceilings, they cause direct energy, or chi, to flow downward, bombarding your body all night long. This can lead to insomnia or illness.

overhead beams and feng shui

If the beams are aligned horizontally to your bed, they can cause problems in the area of your body that they cross. If beams are vertical to your bed (as in this photo), the repeated energy can cause a “separation” of you and your partner, manifesting in conflict, separation, and perhaps divorce. overhead beams and feng shui

Simple fix – Paint the beams the same color as your ceiling. The painted beams will recede and reduce their effect. Some styles of Feng Shui also suggest hanging several crystal balls along the edge of the beams.





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