What Your Desk Says About Your Success


In Feng Shui, finding the right desk for your home office is so important to your business success. Look at your desk as a metaphor for your work. Your desk can reflect your subconscious feelings about your work, how you do it, how well you should be compensated and how successful you are!


Just like Goldilocks says, it should be just right. Not too big or too small for the space. A "too-big" desk might display a poor work-life balance.

On the other hand, a small desk can be projecting a sense of "not-worthiness". You may feel that the work you do is insubstantial or unnecessary, or you may feel that way about how you work. You will probably attract few clients, less compensation and success.

I had a client that worked from a five-year-old's desk (thankfully, it wasn't his primary office desk!), but this desk did reflect what was going on in his career (on right).

Type of Desk

Is your desk a hand-me-down that has not been well-cared for? Is your desk a new cheap one? It is falling apart? One client had a desk that made her feel "boxed in" (on right). Interestingly, she used those same words to describe her job.

What's on the Surface?

Is your desk cluttered with unorganized paperwork and files? Does your desk have non-work material that doesn't belong there? What you have on your desk will affect your work. Most people do not work best in a cluttered environment, so keep your work organized. In fact, if possible, clear your desk off each night so that when you return in the morning you have a fresh start.

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