Mirrors in the Bedroom – Yes or No?

The short answer is: it depends.feng shui mirrors

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to a consultation in Long Beach. I approached a stoplight, emersed in my thoughts about the client’s consultation when a man in the car next to me rolled down his window.

Naturally, I thought he was going to ask me directions and I was prepared to say “Sorry, I don’t live here.”

Then he said, “Is it bad to have mirrors in the bedroom?” !

I was stunned for a few seconds. HOW did he know that I did Feng Shui? Was he reading my mind?!  Then, I remembered that I had a “feng shui” sign on my car door!

So, then I laughed and told him, “Well, it depends. How is your sleep? Do you have frequent nightmares?” He shook his head no, he slept well. Then I said, “Then, a mirror is fine!” He sighed with relief and thanked me and went off, on his way.

Some Feng Shui practitioners say, no mirrors in the bedroom. The reason for this it that mirrors are very yang energy. Mirrors reflect images and light and can create too much energy for this restful place. But, if you have no problem sleeping most nights, and are not plagued with nightmares, then mirrors are fine!

Do you have a mirror? Do you have fitful sleep? Try to remove it or cover it up at night.

Same applies to children. A mirror is okay unless they have trouble sleeping or have bad dreams. Then, as I said above, cover it up or remove it and see if the situation changes.

The thing is, we are all different and have different sensitivities. Feng shui rules rarely apply to all people so it’s sometimes difficult taking advice from a book. Having a feng shui consultation really hones in on what your goals are and what your energy and the energy of your home calls for. Feng shui solutions are tailored to your unique situation.

Contact me for a free exploratory call to see how I might help you enhance the feng shui of your home!

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