Become an Energy Healer with Feng Shui

Unlike most energy healing modalities which center on an individual’s energy field, feng shui focuses on what the other’s miss: our environments. And not long ago we viewed our environments as a “back drop” to our lives with very little consequence.

But we know better. 

Many people intuitively knew that the spaces we lived and worked in influenced our thoughts and behavior, but it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when research showed that the environment had a significant impact on recovery from surgery, that this idea became validated in scientific findings.

In feng shui we realize that everything has energy and consciousness and that is how our environments influence our thoughts and behavior. 

In Creating Luminous SpacesI focus on the Five Elements of Eastern philosophy and raising consciousness and light, something that I am truly passionate about.

This is what my “brand” of feng shui is.

Re-Nature Feng Shui…an energy healing modality that complements other modalities in helping heal us and the Earth. 

Re-Nature Feng Shui integrates a new emerging movement called biophilic design with feng shui principles, to blend these ancient tools with this freshest approach to working with our spaces.

Feng shui evolves with every culture, space and time. 

Feng shui is more relevant than ever. There is a dire need to restore our connection to nature to help heal our planet and to continue our evolution to higher levels of consciousness. And despite what the current global political climate is like, we are heading in that direct. That I am sure of!

We’re on the cusp of a great shift in consciousness. This information is really starting to take off and I am certain, as you probably are, that the Earth needs us to live it and share this information now more than ever.

As this consciousness expands, you can be a part of it. Tap into our collective group’s energy and help others heal their part of the planet. As we continue to learn and adapt, see how your contribution will continue to help this energy unfold over the coming years.

Would you like to join us?
I’m enrolling for the Feng Shui Certification Fall 2018 Class now. Learn more here and let me know if you agree. Reach out. I would love to talk with you!


True Nature Quiz! 

Five Element personality quizDiscover Your True Nature Element and make simple shifts in your space to attract positive energy.

Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal - Water

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Creating Luminous Spaces

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