Question: What Type of House Provides Best Chi Flow?


Question: If chi gets stuck in corners would a  circular house be better for good feng shui to allow chi to flow better?  Also is there any model/type of house that has naturally better feng shui to start with? Colonial, High Ranch, Cape, Salt Box, etc.
My Response: As always, it depends. It depends not only on the construction of the house, but the landscaping and the design, finishings, furnishings, colors, and objects of the interior.

But with that aside, a ranch tends to have the best chi flow patterns. There are many types of ranches though. L-shaped ranches are an exception here. When you overlay the bagua, or energetic grid on an L-shaped home you will be missing various areas of the bagua and you life can be effected in those areas that they represent (relationships, career, etc.). In addition, regardless of where the L comes out, you will be missing a substantial portion of the Health area, which is in the center. You will need to do several counter-balances in this house.

High ranches are a nightmare, mostly because of the stairs. The up/down motion at the entrance, or "mouth of chi" creates confusion and what we call "split chi." One eye goes up and the other down. Not good for health or prospering.

Colonials can be fine, as long as the stairs are not directly opposite the front door. If the door is within roughly 6 feet of the bottom step, chi flows right out the door. Incoming chi flows directly upstairs, disturbing the chi that is meant for rest, since the bedrooms are upstairs.

Capes tend to have the same issue with the stairs.

A traditional Saltbox tends to be a square with have four rooms below and three-four rooms above. Although a bit confined, chi can move through this space fine as long as stairs are not aligned with front door.

Mega-homes, aka McMansions, have huge rooms and high ceilings. High ceilings are not great for chi because it can get trapped and not circulate. But if the high ceiling is confined to the foyer and perhaps living room, the chi should be able to circulate fine.

Some general rules:

  • If you can circulate through the main rooms without have to backtrack at dead-ends, there is good chi flow. Just like you can walk in a out gracefully, so can chi.
  • The front door is not aligned with the stairs (as above)
  • The front door is not aligned with the back door or large expanse of windows – chi will flow right out.

A circular home? Well, chi would flow through it beautifully, but it wouldn't be very practical. Most furnishings and cabinetry are made for straight walls. But it would be fun!

How about your home? Let me know what you think.

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