Why Plants Make us Feel Good – Part 2


Some of you may have read my recent blog on Huffington Post "Why Plants Make us Feel Good". While I composed an article addressing this question, there were several reasons that I didn't get into for lack of space (and the content would be a bit off-point).

So here are some other reasons why plants make us feel good – in fact, feel great!:

1. Photosynthesis – We all learned about this in elementary school. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, which increases the fresh air in our indoor spaces making us feel better.

2. Because of the above, plants also absorb other toxins in our indoor environments. Our homes and work spaces are filled with toxins from the fireplaces and wood stoves, building materials and furnishings, such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Some plants are better absorbers of certain toxins than others, but they all do their job fairly well. (I'll write my next blog on which plants are most efficient).

3. And finally, plants are green. Yeah, okay, you say. Well, the color green is related to the heart chakra, which is about loving kindness and compassion. The heart chakra connects us to others and allows forgiveness, dedication, and loyalty. It is about self-acceptance and acceptance of others. Surrounding ourselves with the color green puts us in touch with the healing energy of the heart chakra. Eating green vegetables has the same affect as well.

Did I miss something? Let me know!

Photo credit: Dieffenbachias (Dumb Cane) by Maureen Calamia

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