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A question from one of my web visitors:


I am interested in purchasing a bejewelled Tiger figurine for my home. Is the bejewelled tiger statue good luck in feng shui?
Where should I place the tiger in my home to bring me good luck? Can you please provide the true meaning of a tiger statue & your
guidance? Please advise. Thank You. – M from Australia

Dear M,
The Tiger is one of the four celestial animals according to Chinese philosophy. Known as the "White Tiger" it represents beauty, receptivity and feminine energy. It is very good for relationships. It will especially benefit the female head of household, but also others in the household as well.  It is Yin chi in complement to Yang chi, represented by the Dragon.
In addition, the Tiger also represents leadership, protection and courage – typically associated with masculine energy. So, you will find Tiger artwork hanging in many Chinese businesses.
Since your Tiger is not the representation of a White Tiger (being bejewelled) I would associate its energy with the masculine, leadership qualities, which are good for finances and career.
The Tiger represents luck and fortune for homes and businesses.
The Tiger energy is found on the left side of your home, when standing in your front door, facing into the house. So if there is a room on the left side of the house that is appropriate to place the Tiger statue, place it in there. If not, you can add it to the left side of your home office (if you have one) or living/family room. (Remember, stand in the doorway and locate the left side of the room from there).
If you want to attract a male relationship, place the statue on the left side of your bedroom.

I hope this helps! Let me know where you place it and how it works!
Best of luck and have a wonderful day!



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