How to Create Your Own Feng Shui Altar

shamanic feng shui altarWhen I do consultations I always create a special feng shui altar for my clients. And often, my clients ask me “how do I create an altar for myself?” It can be both a very simple and profound addition to your life. Here are some tips on how do create a feng shui altar for yourself:

First, consider how you will use your altar.

The two most common uses for an altar are for quiet meditation or as a reminder of the sacred during everyday life. Knowing how you will use your altar will then help with the next step.

Find a good location for your altar.

If you will use the altar for quiet meditation, find a space in a room that will give you the best conditions for that activity. A corner of your bedroom is perfect (that’s where I have mine) or perhaps a space in your home office.

If you want to have this altar as a daily reminder of sacredness in your life, a central location in your home is best. In fact, a spot that you and your family passes by all day long will be a great reminder of being grateful and compassionate throughout the day. I have my “daily” altar between my family room and kitchen.

Create a foundation for your altar.

First, you will need a table top or other flat top to place your altar. If you are using it for quiet meditation, be sure to have a low surface so that you can pull up a meditation pillow or chair and have the altar within easy view. If you are using a central location in your home any flat surface hip or chest level will do since you will probably stand next to the altar for daily use.

Just like an area rug creates cohesion in a room and its furnishings, an altar cloth helps create cohesion on your altar, bringing all the objects together in relation to one another. A cloth can be something truly special made of silk a piece of lace or even a bit of burlap. Whatever you resonate with.

Determine what you will put on your altar.

There are no right/wrong objects to place there, as long as each object holds significance to you in a sacred way. Religious icons, candles, and an incense burner are typical objects on an altar. Photos of loved ones are a wonderful addition to personalize your altar. Objects from nature are my favorite items to add to my altars. I use flowers or plants, shells, rocks, crystals, beach glass, driftwood, pine cones, etc.

Native American altarThere are limitless ways to arrange the objects on your altar.

A religious icon traditionally takes a central space toward the back of the altar. But you can arrange the objects in any way you want. A Native American altar (diagram to the right) would have objects arranged to the four directions. Imagine that you are in the north: a candle representing Fire in the east (to your left); incense (Air) in the south, bowl of water (Water) in the west; and a rock or crystal (Earth) in the north.

You can also align your feng shui altar with the Bagua, representing one of the 5 Elements or nature images of the Bagua areas, as shown below: plant in the Wealth corner; spiritual icon in Fame; crystal in Romance; metal bells in Creativity and Helpful People areas; small tortoise in Career; image of a mountain in Self-Knowledge; incense in Family & Health; and the Tai Chi in the middle.

bagua feng shui altar

Always refresh the objects on your feng shui altar.

Altars should not be stagnant, static fixtures in your home. Be sure to touch and move the objects around and replace them with new items on occasion.

And lastly, use it daily!

A serious daily meditation practice might be out of reach for you now, however, having a sacred altar that is in a central location in your home will hopefully inspire at least daily connection to the Sacred for you. I love my altar and I connect to it every day!

I place any good news from letters or emails, photos, thank you’s, invitations, etc. on this altar. I also place any checks that I receive in my work, as well as the red envelopes that I receive from clients and students, on this altar. I light the candle, say a few mantras (prayer) and send intentions out to those that I have connected with.

I purchase new flowers every week and give gratitude for the feeling of prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life!

Do you want inspiration to deepen your spiritual path? Read this article. I hope this inspires you to create a feng shui altar in your home. When you do, share a photo of your altar with me! I would love to see it.


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