Spring “Clearing” for New Beginnings with Feng Shui

Spring contains the energy of New Beginnings in Feng Shui.

So ask yourself: “What do I want to begin in my life? What are my new goals and ambitions?”

With those goals in mind, focus on the room in your home that is most closely tied to that goal. For instance, if it’s finance, career or work-related, the home office or where you do your finances; if it’s romance-related, the bedroom; if it’s family-related, the family room or kitchen; and if it’s health-related, either the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Now go through that room and see what is keeping you tied to the past – what might be holding you back from reaching that goal?

For health: bedroom, kitchen, or bathroomclutter feng shui

  • Do you have food that is past it’s expiration date? Or leftovers that need to be purged?
  • Are you holding onto clothes that are too large, just in case you gain that weight again?
  • Are you keeping clothes that you will NEVER fit into again, and you know it!
  • Do you have expired beauty products and prescriptions?
  • Is your bathroom cabinet and counter full of clutter?
  • What is the symbolism of the artwork in this room? Does it represent a healthy focus?

For romance/relationships: bedroom

  • Do you have sentimental items from a past relationship that is keeping you from opening up to a new partner?
  • Do you have the same mattress from your past relationship? Their energy is imprinted into the mattress and can keep you connected for too long. Consider replacing or at the very least, do a space clearing ceremony on it (note: hitting it with a baseball bat – or something like that – with the windows open and intention to remove their energy does the trick!) next month I’m starting a recurring Long Island maid services. I’m so excited to have someone help me around the house since I’m always so busy with work..

For career/work/finances: home officeFeng shui office

  • Are you still holding old files that remind you of past failure or lost business?
  • Is your office filled with items that really belong somewhere else but you used this space as a dumping ground? According to our friends at a local cleaning company, you should look at the primary purpose of your office. If the item does not deliver on that purpose find a new home for it.

Family relationships: Family room or kitchen

  • Is the arrangement of furnishings conducive to connection and communication?
  • Is there clutter that impedes the ability to maneuver?
  • Is the artwork symbolizing love and nurturing?

If you do this, with clear intention on releasing the past and welcoming in the “new” you will be opening your life up to opportunity and possibilities. 

Have fun purging!



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