6 Simple Feng Shui Ways to Combat Stress

Here are some feng shui tips to help you combat stress in your everyday life.

Feng shui is about balance and harmony – the antithesis of stress.

Having a good feng shui home contributes to greater health and well-being.

And although you might think that not these tips are all feng shui-related, think again. Feng shui is much deeper than shifting furniture around and placing a plant in the wealth corner. Feng shui is about our inner environments as much as it is the outer.

bed-902358_1280Tip #1: Be in Command

One of the first commandments in feng shui is “Command Position.” When we are not in command position we feel vulnerable and weak. We might notice this but our body does. It adds to stress in our lives. It’s important that both our bed and desk are in the right position in our rooms to help combat stress. See this article for more information on how to be in command!

Tip #2: First Impressions are Significant

What we see when we first approach our front door and enter our home is significant.  Why? Because first impressions are important even when we enter our own home. If we had no light at our front door we might trip on something that can physically harm us. We will feel stressed just walking to our door. This “fight or flight” reflex causes a high level of stress in our lives. Make sure that you have lights on the path and you will feel more secure and reduce your stress level.

Also, if we walk into our home and see piles of bills it will remind us of heavy obligation. And for many people this can be very stressful.

So make sure that what you see when you enter your home is not negative, but something that is positive and uplifts you. This will make you feel welcome at home. If not the negative feelings that you have as you cross the threshold will linger with you and prolong your stress.

Tip #3: Center of the Home is the Self

The Center of the Home represents health and stability. It also symbolizes the self. What goes on in this space will help combat stress and have an impact on our feeling of well-being.

The center of a home is usually transitional space between rooms. Hallways are the pathways for chi to flow. Be sure that furnishings or artwork do not block the path of chi.

Plants help combat stressTip #4: Fresh Flowers are Vitality

Fresh flowers symbolize all that is good in nature. The variety of colors, shapes, and the scent of flowers is a powerful reminder of balance and harmony. They brings life and vitality to our homes and help combat stress. Fresh fruit also has the same effect.

Treat yourself to a small bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit once a week. Perhaps you can pick some from your garden.

Tip #5: Create a Gratitude Altar

Having daily gratitude for things in our life makes us aware of life’s bounty and joy and reduces stress. Giving thanks on a daily basis is a great way to overcome feelings of negativity and darkness.

Place your altar in a central part of your home so that you and your family members pass it throughout your day. Your altar will give blessings on you even without your awareness.

I encourage my family to place symbols of gratitude on our altar and believe it or not I have to clear it out every week or so! You will quickly find that there is so much to be grateful for!

Read this article for more information on how to create an altar in your home.

Tip #6: Breath

One of the first physical symptoms of stress is a change in breathing. We tend to have shallow breath during stressful times. Shallow breathing creates a tight and closed heart chakra which creates more stress in our lives.

Conscious breathing is a great way to combat many of the physical manifestations of stress.

When you become aware of stress, take a few moments and take a few deep breaths. A simple and effective technique is alternate nostril breathing. (Read more in this article). Or simply count to 6 or 8 on the in breath, and then hold for a count of 4. Count to 6-8 on the out breath and hold for 4.

Feng shui approaches life as a whole as it comes from the Taoist teachings that everything is connected. The mind, body, spirit are all connected to the home. Use these tips to combat stress in your everyday life!

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