More Feng Shui Tips for Your Bed

Feng Shui Tips for your bedWhy is your bed so important to your health and well-being? You spend roughly 1/3 of your life in bed and when you learn about feng shui, you realize that your environment has a significant impact on your well-being – consciously and unconsciously. See your bed through “feng shui eyes” and observe the symbolism:

Condition of the bed – A beautiful and comfortable bed are key to your feeling of well-being. Don’t underestimate the impact of fresh linens, a comfortable pillow, and good mattress.

Headboard – So often I see beds without a headboard. The headboard symbolizes your support and protection of your back, so without one, you may feel that you have to “go it alone” or that you and your partner “don’t relate” to each other.

Size of bed – If you are single and looking for a romantic partner, be sure to have a bed that can accommodate a partner. A twin bed is for children.

Side of bed against wall – This is the position for young children. It provides security and protection. However, the bed should be moved away from the wall for an older teen/adult which symbolizes maturity and the ability to be independent. In addition, this positioning squeezes out the chances for a romantic partner.

Bed under beams – Beams in a ceiling push oppressive energy down to the bed. If they are horizontal (going across the bed) they can create illness in the body part along the beam(s). If vertical, it can split the energy of a couple. One way to resolve this is to paint the beam the same color as the ceiling. I can also provide several transcendental solutions to “uplift” the energy of the beams.

Bed under slanted ceiling – This occurs when the head of the bed is under the eaves of the building. Again, there is oppressive energy pushing down toward the head of the bed which can create headaches and migraines, restlessness, and eventually illness to the head. The height and degree of the slope are important factors to observe. Obtuse angles and high ceilings will greatly lessen the effect of a slant.Here is a buyer’s guide on steam rooms where you can find more information.

A mirror reflecting bed – I often am asked if mirrors are okay in the bedroom, and also, reflecting the bed. Some consultants feel that this is an issue, however, in my training and experience, mirrors are fine in the bedroom (and reflecting the bed) unless the occupant has issues with sleep and/or nightmares. Mirrors are very yang, active energy and if you have several of them (such as a mirrored wall) yes, they can definitely disturb sleep. So, if a client is having issues with sleep, I suggest they remove or cover the mirrors for a few weeks to see if that helps.

And lastly, “Command Position” – It is very important that you’re bed is in the command, or power position, which will enable you to feel fully-supported and confident in achieving your goals.

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