The Beautiful Vs. Good Feng Shui House

Good Feng Shui House

What is a good feng shui house?

I sometimes find that people with beautiful homes – these are homes that could be in the current issue of Dwell or ElleDecor magazines – just assume that their house has great feng shui. But this is not always the case.

Trendy decor and picture-perfect rooms may be the goal of interior design magazines, but they are not the goal of good feng shui.

The true goal of feng shui is to create spaces that enhance the lives of the inhabitants.

Let me explain:

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the home is when the people that live there are miserable. I’m sure you’ve seen this: a gorgeously-designed home yet the people that live there are stressed out, chaotic, looking for love, more money, lawsuits, health and/or career issues – you name it.

The outer appearance does not necessarily equate to inner peace.

What is most important is the FEEL of the home. Is it welcoming and inviting? Is it comfortable? Does the home promote a feeling of peace and harmony?

A good feng shui home incorporates natural elements and vitality.

Incorporating natural materials and fabrics, plenty of live plants and natural sunlight, can have a vibrancy and aliveness that is hard to put your finger on. In essence, it will have a good flow of energy.

Is the home neat and tidy, yet not overbearingly structured and rigid?

Clutter is a major challenge for many people. Organization is a must for harmony, but it also can go too far. Your home should be a lived-in space. The people that live there may not be without life’s challenges, but there is more peace, joy and happiness. There is more warmth, connection and love.

When there is such a preoccupation with making sure that everything is in its place, all the time, the chi gets limited and stifled. Paraphrasing H.H. Professor Lin Yun, he said,

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what is the sign of a spotless desk?”

As always, feng shui instills in us a need for balance between the yin and the yang of life.


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