Question: To Keep or Not to Keep Ex-Wife Belongings


I had this question posed to me today from a reader. I hope this may help some of you in a similar predicament:
Hi Maureen,
I found you during a search for energy clearing! My husbands ex, whom I've never met but has a sad, tragic story, has recently moved into assisted living after a prolonged hospitalization. She gave her apartment belongings to my husband to sell. We live extremely frugally out of necessity and also just very conscious about what we buy, much from thrift stores and most from discount stores….with boxes and boxes of clothes that I could never afford, can we keep any of these things without taking on her negative energy? Clothes, jewelry, you name it.
Please let me know if a consultation would make sense.
Thank you,
Ann (name changed)
My Response:

Dear Ann,
Thanks for asking. Great question! We talk about how objects retain the energy of the environment/people that own it. Space clearing is a great tool to remove the negative or unwanted energy. However, because of your closeness to the situation and knowledge of the tragedy and circumstances of your ex-husbands wife and her life I wonder if YOU can clear your mind of it.
It’s one thing to clear the objects and sell them to strangers. It’s another to clear them and keep them.
You mention lots of clothing – I would assume that it’s for you and you fit into her size. Question is – would you REALLY want to wear her clothing? Clothing is so personal. I am worried that even if you “clear” her clothes, you won’t be able to “clear” your mind of her tragic story and hence, retain some of that negativity.
And you talk about your frugalness and apparent inability to purchase beautiful things for yourselves. There seems to be some "lack of abundance" or negativity associated with your lives (you and your husband). There may be some issues there to deal with emotionally and “taking on” more negativity might not be the way to go!
Regarding a consultation, I don't think it would be prudent at this time. My suggestion is to clear the objects yourself and sell them through ebay, tag sales, etc. Take that money and treat yourselves to something that you could not normally afford and feel abundance in your life. 
However, you do decide to take this further, please know that I am here for you.
I really appreciate you contacting me with this question. It really made me think.

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