Creating a Feng Shui Garden: Metal Element


I love incorporating the 5 natural elements into a garden setting. Metal is especially fun as it is a great hard scape material and is represented by round and oval shapes. Also, the colors of white, silver and gold are metal.

Metal represents refinement and boldness. A little goes a long way.

What Not to Do!

Although this is metal and is somewhat round, no, you don't wanted a rusted car in your garden! (Although my friend points out that she could plant a nice geranium bed in the engine!)

What to Do

Metal can be incorporated with a beautiful, unique sculpture, such as this:

In fact, the symbolism of this sculpture is heaven on earth, represented by the circle (heaven) within the square (earth). A truly a dramatic way to incorporate metal in any garden.

Or it can be as simple (and much less expensive) as this – a gazing ball:

Metal lawn furniture, metal trellises, and fencing are more ways to incorporate metal into your yard.

Best Places for Metal

Metal is best in the West, Northwest and North areas of your property. The West is known for Completion and Creativity. The Northwest is known for Helpful People and Travel. The North is known for Life's Journey, Opportunities and your Career.

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True Nature Quiz! 

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