Feng Shui Stairs: Before and After

Stairs are challenging in feng shui. Why? Three main reasons:

  • Depending on the location in the home and bagua, they symbolize unstable energy (going up and down)
  • If they are located across from the front door (which is typical) they can create chaos (insomnia and illness) in the second floor (where the bedrooms usually are) and drain energy out, which is a metaphor for lost opportunities.
  • And they also can be a safety concern, especially if the design is unstable.

feng shui stairsThis particular client had all three challenges (and some!) in the location and design of their stairs.

  1. These stairs were directly across from the front door (roughly 3 feet away).
  2. They were located in the Career/Life Path gua as well as the Health gua – and mimicked challenges in their work/career situation, lacking opportunities for growth, and health issues.
  3. In addition, the stairs had no risers which leaked energy, and more importantly, lead to tremendous instability and safety concern (the risers were higher than code allows, meaning that you could slip and your foot would go between the treads – an awful prospect!)
  4. Lastly, the visual of the basement stairs below is nothing like I’d ever seen. It is completely disorienting and accentuated the visual challenge and fear of falling.

In short, these stairs were a health hazard, both physically and mentally. These stairs would create anxiety in anyone living here…

Well, the fact that my female client already had issues with anxiety made things a lot worse for her. Plus, their golden retriever was so freaked out by the stairs, it sometimes wouldn’t climb them. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, if we’re unsure of the impact of something in our homes, our pets reactions can speak volumes!

if we’re unsure of the impact of something in our homes, our pets reactions can speak volumes!

When I visited this client a year ago, I suggested that they add risers to the stairs and explained why. The husband was reluctant to do it because he liked the way it looked and he didn’t see a connection to their lives.

They had me back a few months ago, and again the husband didn’t want to change the stairs. I told them “if you only do ONE THING, it would be to add risers to the stairs.” I explained that NOTHING ELSE would make as much of a positive impact on their lives.

Still reluctance.

feng shui stairsAnd to my huge surprise this week I received a text from my client that they added risers to the stairs. And she said her husband “does like the steps. They feel sturdier under his feet.”  And now, the husband also wants to add a runner to the treads, making them even more safe!

And what about the dog? She’s running up the stairs like never before!

Although the work was just completed apparently the new stairs are having a good effect on this family!

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