Question: Feng Shui Placement of Garden

Feng shui placement of gardenQuestion: We just moved into a house and I’d like to plant a vegetable garden. I’d like to place it in the Wealth corner (far back left) to boost our finances (plants represent the Wood element and support the Wealth area). However, the land is hilly and there is not much sun. My husband wants to plant it in the Relationship area (far back right) because the land is flatter and there is more sun in that corner. I want to boost our finances. What do you think?

Answer: Great question! I love questions like this because it demonstrates a rational approach to feng shui coupled with creativity (just up my alley!)

First, let me explain what this reader is questioning. She has knowledge of feng shui and knows 5 Elementsthat the Wood element (plants) and the Earth element (which rules the Relationship area) are in a conflict with each other according to the 5 Element Controlling Cycle. She doesn’t want the placement of the garden to poorly impact her relationships. In addition, she wants to boost her finances.

So, when faced with landscaping issues, first look to the land as the guide. Where is the best placement for this garden? The vegetable garden will prosper best where the land is flatter and it will get more sun, which turns out being the Relationship area.

Now, how do we deal with the clash of the 5 Elements?

This is where creativity and symbolism come in! With only a little creativity, just imagine what the symbolism of a vibrant vegetable garden will do for relationships! Her relationships will be nourished with wholesome, healthy food for them to enjoy together!

Now, using the 5 Element Cycles, she can support the Earth element by creating a border with stones or bricks around the garden (which represent Earth).

She can boost her Wealth area (to help finances) with placement of a water fountain or bird bath (water = prosperity AND nourishes the Wood element), or even better, install a bird feeder that she will fill all year ’round. (The Wealth area is known as “Wind” and relates to birds!). Please check out for more info about this.

Now you have the best of both worlds!

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  1. ctague says

    A week ago I planted my first flower garden in front of our home. I felt the entrance of our home needed some color and I’m focusing on activating the wealth. For the main planter I chose purple flowers & chartreuse vines. It looks really bright, cheerful, yet classy. Just yesterday, I received word on a new job opportunity that is going to increase my salary 2.5 times! I also bought a little bird bath dish to place in the garden.

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