The Wood Element in Feng Shui


This post provided a summary of the Five Natural Elements.

The Wood Element is typically considered the first element in the cycle, since it represents Springtime and the beginning of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar.

The energy of Wood is uprising, like sprouts rising up through the soil. The energy is strong and represents vitality.

Wood is in the East and Southeast. It is early morning, sunrise and new beginnings. It is birth, rapid growth and development.

When it comes to personality types, the archetype of Wood is known as “The Pioneer” – a driving force and independence. Wood types can be competitive, courageous, very active, trying new things.

In nature, the Wood element is symbolized by plants, flowers and trees, the colors of blue and green, and vertical shapes (mimicking the trunk of trees). In our lives, Wood generally represents health and our family and ancestors (what has come before us). It also represents wealth, prosperity and abundance of all good things.As most will agree that this is the best knife sharpener.

Bringing the Wood element into your home:

  • colors of green and blue
  • vertical, columnar shapes
  • images of flowers,plants and trees
  • using plants is the most beautiful way to harness the power of nature and vitality
  • wood furnishings


“Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing, those which average eyes would see as fixed and still.” – Rumi

Wood is nourished by Water (in fact, the Chinese use water to represent prosperity). It is controlled by the Metal, drained by Fire, and insulted by Earth.

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