The Metal Element in Feng Shui


This post provides an overview of the Five Natural Elements.

The Metal Element represents the energy of late autumn and evening, as the energy transitions from Earth, the transitional element, to “lesser yin.”

The Metals are the precious minerals found deep within the earth. These minerals nourish our water, providing us with necessary nutrients – the ultimate and most coveted being gold. It represents the alchemical process of turning soil into precious metals.

The Metal element is also connected to the heavens, stars and sky. Metal is stardust. It is said to represent the spiritual path from awareness to enlightenment.

The cool, crisp, clean air of autumn is a perfect example of the energy of Metal. Metal is cool and crispness relates to fine, subtle definition of the air.

Metal is related to the Lungs and breath; the process of converting various elements into nourishment for our bodies.

The Metal Element in personalities is known as the archetype of “The Alchemist” –  refined and noble. It provides structure and organization, yet flexibility to adapt to change. It is leadership and the pursuit of justice. These are all qualities of balanced Metal element.

Some ways to bring more Metal into your home:

  • the colors of metal (white, silver, gold and gray)
  • metal objects
  • images of the heavens, sky, and angelic beings
  • also, through organization of the home and attention to beauty

Metal is nourished by Earth, controlled by Fire, drained by Water, and insulted by Wood.

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished? ~ Rumi



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