The Water Element in Feng Shui


This post provides an overview of the Five Natural Elements.

The Water Element represents the energy of winter and deep night, which is known as the “greatest yin.”

Water is related to all natural bodies of water, from deep lakes, the power of the ocean, the force of a waterfall, and the trickle of a stream. Although Water is the greatest yin, the most receptive of all the elements, its force can erode the tallest mountains and destroy entire villages.

A snowy landscape in the stillness of the night is a perfect example of the energy of Water.

Water is related to the kidneys which process and filter our blood. It conserves natural resources and preserves our energy for use in times of crisis or growth. Water provides vitality and endurance and is the seed for creativity and imagination.

The Water Element in personalities is known as the archetype of “The Philosopher” – revelation and mystery. It provides the ability to restore our energy, to go deep within and reflect. It is independent and the pursuit of truth. These are all qualities of balanced Water Element.

Some ways to bring more Water into your home:

  • the colors of water – black (a deep lake), dark blue
  • water features
  • images of water
  • curvy shapes such as paisley
  • Also, spaces that allow for reflection and quiet time, such as the ideal bedroom (most of us do not have ideal bedrooms!) or a quiet reading spot

Water is nourished by Metal, controlled by Earth, drained by Wood, and insulted by Fire.

There is a fountain inside you. Don’t walk around with an empty bucket. ~Rumi

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