The Fire Element in Feng Shui


This post provided a summary of the Five Natural Elements.

The Fire Element is the most yang of all of the Five Elements. It represents the peak of summer and the noontime. It is in the South (fullest expression of the sun).

The energy of Fire is ascending like the flames of fire rising upward.  It is the fullest expression of yang energy, as the cycle moves from Water (winter – greatest yin) to Wood (spring bursting forth from the seeds deep underground) to Fire (summer).

Fire is power made manifest. From the winter, the germ of an idea condenses, to spring when the idea bursts through the soil, until it reaches its zenith and bursts forth from the tight bud of spring.

Fire brings us light and warmth of the sun as well as the hearth. It is the magma rising up through the earth, rising to the surface and spilling over onto the earth. It is the natural fire that whips through the forest as it feeds on the undergrowth, freeing up necessary nutrients for a thriving ecosystem.

Fire consumes what is in its path, but it is also the seed process for new creation. The mastery of Fire distinguishes us from all other living creatures. It is excitement and connection.

When it comes to personality types, the archetype of Fire is “The Wizard” – full of magic and passion. Fire types are enthusiastic, compassionate, confident, vibrant and love meeting new people.

Fire rules the heart – heartless or big-hearted. In the same way that fire turns matter into heat and light, this is where you take what you’ve been given and make the best of it. And then some.

In our lives, Fire generally represents our ability to be “out there” displaying our passions and skills with confidence. It also represents our reputation and the ability to be recognized for our gifts.

Bring the Fire element into your home:

  • the colors red and bright orange
  • images of the sun or fire
  • and triangle or star shapes
  • positioning yourself in sunlight spaces
  • replace heavy drapes with light, airy curtains or no window treatments
  • light candles and place white shades and higher wattage on lamps


Isn’t it time to turn your heart into a temple of fire? ~Rumi

Fire is nourished by Wood, controlled by Water element, drained by Earth, and insulted by Metal.

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