The Earth Element in Feng Shui


This post provides an overview of the Five Natural Elements.

The Earth Element represents the energy of late Summer/early Autumn, and late afternoon, as the energy moves from Fire (the most yang energy).

Earth is known as the ‘transitional’ element, which is placed at critical junctures of the 5 Elements Cycle – traditionally, following Fire or summer, the peak of yang chi. In the bagua, Earth is also placed after the Water element or winter, the peak of yin chi. Earth provides a stabilizing factor that allows transformation to take place.

dirty feetThe Earth is our home and provides nourishment for all beings on it. It sustains life and provides a safe haven. It is the sacred ground we walk upon and completes the cosmic trinity of “Heaven – Humanity – and Earth.”

Walk through the grass, enjoy the warm sand on your feet. The energy we get from that direct connection to the earth is life-affirming. The earth resonates at the same hertz we do (roughly 7-8 Hz) and this direct connection is actually vital to health.

The Earth Element in personalities is known as the archetype of “The Peacemaker” – seeking harmony in the world. It is about the ability to trust and accept love and support from others. It allows you to acknowledge your right to be fully alive and to engage in happiness and love. These are all qualities of balanced Earth element.

Earth is the “Earth Mother” – providing all the nurturing qualities of the archetype of the Mother. However, Earth out-of-balance is worry and sacrifice of oneself; the inability to set appropriate boundaries. Too often, we give, give, give and then collapse. An appropriate balance of Earth is the ability to nurture oneself and to give to others from the spillover.Check out night guard official website for more info.

Some ways to bring more Earth into your home:

  • the colors of soil (sandy beige to peat moss brown) and yellow
  • quartz crystals and stones
  • materials of terracotta and ceramic
  • images of deserts and mountains
  • also, check the boundaries (fencing, landscaping) you have set on your property, as well as the condition of your floors

Do you have adequate pathways around your space? Repair whatever is required.

Earth is nourished by Fire, controlled by Wood, drained by Metal, and insulted by Water.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth. ~Rumi

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