Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Career

feng shui careerIf you’re like many of my clients, you want to know what you can do to get ahead in your job or perhaps find a new career. And, I often work with clients who are at a point where they are figuring out what their purpose is…their life path. And even if you aren’t in those situations, who couldn’t benefit from a juicy boost in their career?

Here are 5 easy tips to help energize your Career & Life Path!

1. Power Position

Make sure that your desk is in the power position. That is, you can easily see the entrance to the room, you have a solid wall to your back and you are not directly in-line with the door. This position will allow your body and mind to relax when working. And when you are relaxed, you can be more creative and inspired!  Two great ways to get the job done!

2. Edit Clutter

Look at your desk and office. Do you really need all those files and papers out? Can they be filed in a way that will help you to easily retrieve them when needed? Clutter is known to cloud the mind and block energy. Move out the clutter and see your business start to move!

3. Add Nature

Do you have a window with natural light and view of nature? That’s great! For those of you who don’t (and that’s most of us!) add a few plants and a piece of artwork of nature that you love. Perhaps an ocean setting, mountaintop, or view of a great meadow. Whatever you enjoy viewing will help you feel more at peace at work and motivated to get the job done!

4. Color

Perhaps it’s time to paint the walls of your office…there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to change up a room! Greens and blues are soothing; yellows are uplifting; perhaps one red wall to provide a stunning focal point!

5. Give Gratitude

Create a small space in your office that serves as your “gratitude corner” (aka altar). Here you can place awards or recognition, print-outs of stellar emails from clients, business cards of key networking contacts, tokens of your work, anything you are thankful for.  Be sure to give gratitude for what you have daily and it’s a sure way to open up the path for greater success!

Employ these simple tips and let me know how things go! To a Healthy, Joyous and Prosperous year!


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